Why Install a Sub Panel?

electrician is adding and testing the new sub panel for residential property

Most homeowners have a basic understanding about the way their home’s electrical panel functions. Whether you have an older panel which uses fuses to distribute and regulate the electricity that enters your house, or a newer panel with circuit breaker switches, the principle is essentially the same. Electricity enters your home via the connection from the service to your panel. If any connection ever becomes overloaded, the fuse will ‘blow’, or the breaker switch will trip in order to keep you and your property safe from an overload. If you find that you are having to regularly reset tripped breakers or replace blown fuses, it might be time to enhance your current electrical panel with a sub-panel.

Reasons to Add a Sub Panel

There are many reasons to add a sub panel to your existing electrical panel. One of the most common reasons is because your existing panel no longer has the capacity to handle the electrical energy required by the devices and appliances in your home. For instance, if you are regularly having to replace a fuse or reset a tripped breaker switch when you turn on a light in a room, or try and plug something in while using another small appliance like a heater or microwave, it might be time to supplement your panel with a new sub panel.

In some cases, getting an electrician to install a sub panel is an option, but only as a last resort. Sometimes a homeowner will encounter a situation where adding space saving breaker switches to their existing electrical panel will suffice. Adding a sub panel isn’t always the first best option, which is why it is important to ask your electrician for any recommendations. There are still some specific situations where a sub panel is going to be required.

Adding New Electrical Circuits

If you are adding some new electrical components or appliances to your home, you will usually be required to tie a new circuit to your electrical panel. This is often the case when installing something like a new A/C unit, a hot tub with an electric filter pump, or even a charger for a new electric vehicle. While some people may have room in their existing panel for new circuits, most homes’ panels are usually quite full, especially in older homes. In these instances, it is best to install a sub panel to handle the new circuits.

Adding an Addition

Remodelling always comes with its fair share of unexpected issues and challenges. That is why it is extremely important to plan every aspect of your remodel before starting the project. This includes planning your electrical system for any new addition or remodel. If you haven’t accounted for the extra electrical circuits that will run to your new addition, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise when you go to switch on a light or plug something in for the first time. In most large-scale additions or home remodels, it is best to add a sub panel to handle any additional electrical demands that would otherwise overload your existing panel.

If you think its time to enhance your home’s electrical system with a new sub panel in Abbotsford, be sure to contact the reliable electricians at Abbotsford Electrician to help you get started today.