What to Do if Your Electrical Outlet Gets Wet?

plug outlet

If you have had flooding or leaking in your home, you will know how much stress these water hazards can create. And you will know that one of the most immediate things to take precautions about are the electrical outlets. If electrical outlets do get wet, there can be severe consequences if you plug something in.

You can suffer a mild to very severe shock if you attempt to use the outlet while it is still wet. Even after you think it has dried, it might still be retaining some moisture so if you have any questions whatsoever, it is always best to call an electrical contractor. For us, we have the proper tools, knowledge and expertise to move forward carefully.

As licensed Fraser Valley & Surrey electricians, we want people to practice safety when dealing with electricity in their home or building. Whether it’s in the bathroom, laundry room or basement, here are some steps to take if your electrical outlet gets wet.

  1. Turn off the GFCI outlet

If you have an up to date and working electrical system, the GFCI component should automatically turn itself off when water gets into it. This safety mechanism is designed to prevent the electric power to the outlet in the event of any kind of electrical irregularity. In order to make sure this has happened, you can manually shut down the GFCI outlet by pressing the test and reset buttons at the same time.

  1. Turn off power to your building

You can do this by turning off the breaker box completely. This is an important step if there has been a flood or an unexpected leak and you are not sure which outlets have been affected. (This is also a great time to remind you how important it is to keep your breaker box clearly labeled.)

  1. Dry the outlet

There are a few options here – you can either wait for the outlet to drive over time, or you can help the process with a hair dryer. We recommend waiting longer than you think to use the outlet, or to call your local electricians to come asses the outlet, especially if there has been sustained damage or the outlet has been completely submerged. In this case, the outlet might be permanently out of commission.

If water has come into contact with your electrical outlets, note how serious the damage was. A splash of water from an unruly toddler in the bathtub is much different that waist-high water in the basement. Either way, proceed with caution. Electrical systems are not safe to experiment with, especially if you don’t have tools like a volt reader or basic knowledge of how electricity is wired and distributed throughout your home.

We are always happy to help, especially in emergency situations. If you are in need of electrical contractor services in Surrey or Fraser Valley Area, to deal with the aftermath of water damage or any other electrical situation, we are always happy to help.